600 Chariot Songs

Soul’s Beloved

Soul’s Beloved

Y’did Nefesh / Elazar ben Moshe Azikri

Soul’s beloved, Merciful parent,
Draw Your servant to Your will.
Your servant will run like a dear,
Will bow before Your splendor.
For Your love is tastier
Than sweet nectar and all other flavors.
Splendid, Fair, World’s brilliance, My soul is lovesick.

Please, God, cure her
By showing her your pleasant brilliance.
Then she will gain strength and be cured
And will be Your servant forever.
Enduring one, may your mercy kindle,
To pardon your loving child. For Your child is yearning, longing,
To witness Your majestic might.

Please, God, my heart’s delight,
Haste, do not hide.
Please reveal Yourself and spread over me The shelter of Your peace.
The earth will light up with Your glory.
We shall all rejoice and exalt You.
Haste, beloved, the time has come
And have mercy on me like days of old.

Symphonic Evocations of Guy Bonné

  • Soul’s Beloved 4:12 min

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