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Go Forth My Beloved

Go Forth My Beloved

L'cha Dodi / Rabbi Sh’lomo Elkabetz

Go forth, my beloved, towards the bride. Let us greet the Sabbath. 

“Keep” and “Remember” in one commandment,
Uttered by the absolute God. 
Adonai is one, unified in name, splendor, and glory. 

Towards Shabbat, go forth, and we shall follow, 
For it is the source of blessing.
Reigning from the beginning of time, initiated with much intention. 

Arrive peacefully, crowned by your initiator,  
In joy and merriment. 
Through treasured people’s faith. Arrive, bride! Arrive, bride! 

Symphonic Evocations of Guy Bonné

  • Go Forth My Beloved 9:02 min

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